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Hearing Loss FAQ

Q: How common is hearing loss among musicians?

A: Hearing loss is extremely common for musicians. Consider that a trombone registers an average of 100 db, a flute 98 db, and a violin an average of 95 db. A sound level of 85 decibels or higher, especially with chronic exposure, can lead to severe hearing loss.

Q: Should I worry about my son or daughter that plays in the school band?

A: Absolutely. Young ears are just as susceptible to hearing damage as an adult. A couple of years in the school band can cause sometimes immediate, sometimes delayed, severe hearing loss. Practice rooms and MP3 use may exacerbate damage from the band room. Once you lose your hearing, it never completely comes back.

Q: Where can I get more info about Noise-Induced Hearing Loss?

A: There is an excellent source of factual information from the federal government on Also, check out William J. Dawson MD's article specific to noise induced hearing loss at

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